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Abstract Guideline


  • The abstract can be written using a maximum of 250 words.
  • The abstract text should be written in English.
  • The abstract text should be written with 1 line spacing and there should be no spaces before and after the paragraph.
  • Turkish and English can be used as the language of presentation.
  • The title of the abstract [Times New Roman, capital letter, bold, centered, 12 pt.] should be short, concise and reflective of the study. It should not exceed 12 words.
  • The names and surnames of the authors should be given after the title of the abstract using Times new roman font, 11 pt, centered, single line spacing, 0nk before and after, only initials capitalized and footnotes (First author1, second author2). The name of the person presenting the paper should be underlined and academic titles should not be used in author names.For Footnote:1Title, institution/university name, faculty or department information, province/country, e-mail address-(Times new roman font, 8 pt.)2Title, name of the institution/university, faculty or department, province/country, e-mail address-(Times new roman font, 8 pt.)
  • The font should be Times New Roman and the font size should be 11 point.
  • The margins should be arranged equally with 2,5 cm for the right, left, top and bottom sections.
  • Abbreviations should not be used in abstracts.
  • Abstracts should not include tables, figures and references.
  • After stating what the subject is in a few sentences in the abstract, the purpose of the research should be written. It should be stated how the concepts and variables used in the research were measured, the sampling technique and the population (population) from which the data were collected, where and how the data were collected and analyzed. In addition, the main findings of the research and its reflections and recommendations should be explained.
  • Keywords should reflect the content of the study and should be a maximum of 4 words. The approach of giving qualitative “keywords” consisting of 3-4 words should not be exhibited.