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Ayvalık-Cunda Tour





  • Şeytan Sofrası: Şeytan Sofrası, which has a view of Ayvalık Islands and Lesbos Island, is located at a dominant point on the rocks in Ayvalık district.

  • Küçükköy: A hidden treasure, Küçükköy (Yeniçarohori) offers a unique visual feast to its visitors with its history, architectural texture, narrow streets and stone houses.

  • Ayazma of Ayvalık: Ayazma, one of the buildings belonging to Orthodox culture, is a Neoclassical style building with holy water and healing for the sick.

  • Saatli Mosque: The building, which was built as a church by the Greeks in the second half of the 19th century in the Ayvalık district center, was converted into a mosque after 1928. It got this name when the bell tower was converted into a clock tower.

  • Taksiyarhis Memorial Museum: The church, which resembles the life story of Jesus Christ with marble icons, has three different construction periods and is the first church of Ayvalık.

  • Cunda Aşıklar Hill (Sevim Necdet City Library): The hill, which hosts a magnificent view of Cunda, is known as the place where lovers met in the past. In addition to the library, there is also a small church and a mill on the hill.

  • Cunda Rahmi Koç Museum: The building, built as a church by the Greek Orthodox community, was attributed to the Guardian Archangels Gabriel and Michael. The building was allocated to the Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Culture Foundation and after restoration works, it was transformed into a museum where collections are exhibited.

  • Taş Kahve: Taş Kahve, one of the most beautiful examples of island architecture, is worth seeing with its large windows, giant mirrors and high ceilings. The place, run by the same family for three generations, attracts a lot of attention from tourists.